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Based in Springfield, where we lovingly reach out to, rescue, and restore all those who are negatively impacted by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in our area.


Reach Out

The heartbeat of NightLight is cultivating relationships. We pursue relationships with women working in the commercial sex industry — adult entertainment venues, pornography, and on the streets — to show them love and recognize their dignity. These efforts open doors for us to come alongside them when a need or crisis arises, or when they decide they're ready to leave the industry and want support.


Rescue is not just a single event — it requires a constant readiness to assist over time, a compassionate understanding of complex circumstances and individuals, careful planning, and rapid support to exit effectively and safely. NightLight intervenes to demonstrate that everyone deserves healing, growth, and excellence regardless of their present circumstances.


Each life impacted by sexual exploitation or trafficking is unique and complex. NightLight Missouri's restoration program builds client-focused plans to journey with each survivor toward a greater degree of health in key areas of their lives. We walk alongside each survivor in their unique journey, providing tangible practical assistance and meeting emotional, spiritual, and relational needs along the way.

"For me, this counseling feels like pieces of a puzzle that were missing and are now falling into place...

Honestly, it's giving me hope that I don't have to stay stuck in my old behaviors and maybe can find some peace and  joy for my life!"

- MO Survivor and Counseling Participant

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We're not afraid to shine light in dark places. NightLight goes to the places where women working in the commercial sex industry may be in order to build relationships and communicate value. As we go, we search actively and strategically for individuals in need of assistance. In our community, there are many places where women may be experiencing (or have experienced) sexual exploitation:

Image by Christin Hume


Individuals working for escort services and adult sites that advertise online

Image by Rajesh Rajput


Incarcerated women who are victims of exploitation or human trafficking

Image by Alex Voulgaris

Adult Venues

Individuals who work in adult entertainment venues

Image by Ev

On the Streets

Individuals participating in street prostitution or survival sex

Though we may begin by searching for victims and sowing seeds of truth and love, our ultimate goal is to offer a hand out of the exploitation and to help bring real hope and change to each life. Most often, this is accomplished through relationship.



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Survivors of exploitation and trafficking have complex needs. NightLight specializes in serving victims at an individual level, recognizing that each person has unique needs, must be served holistically, and has the right to make choices and decisions for their own life. Intervention almost always involves choice, and restoration involves attention to the whole person, their family, and their community. Both intervention and restoration take time.

NightLight customizes our response in key areas:

NightLight's case managers walk alongside survivors to develop long-term plans for success. We collaborate with individuals to assess their needs and offer services or referrals that work for them. This may include helping to secure basic necessities, housing, counseling, legal services, medical care, spiritual development, employment, and much more.


Join us in ending sexual exploitation and changing lives through holistic restoration.



Have you worked in the sex industry or experienced sexual exploitation or trafficking? Are you located in or near Missouri? Reach out today if you need assistance or someone to just listen.

Thank you, we'll be in touch soon!

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