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In the heart of one of Bangkok's red light districts, NightLight reaches out to the community around us to meet people where they are and offer hope in the form of alternative options.


Reach Out

The heartbeat of NightLight is cultivating relationships. We go to the streets and bars of the red light district in Bangkok to pursue relationships with women working in the commercial sex industry. Our building locations are open regularly for community events, and we actively partner with local agencies to offer resources to women who are trafficked into Thailand from other nations.


In Thailand, rescue requires a constant readiness to assist when new trafficking cases are identified. Sometimes it involves careful planning, and sometimes it requires rapid support to effectively help women who are voluntarily exiting exploitation. NightLight intervenes as needed with a compassionate understanding of the complex circumstances and needs of each individual.


Each life impacted by sexual exploitation or trafficking is unique and complex. NightLight Bangkok's restoration programs are designed to bring holistic emotional, spiritual, and relational healing to those we serve. We walk alongside each survivor in their unique journey, providing tangible and practical assistance with the ultimate goal of seeing them empowered to thrive on their own.

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"NightLight saved my life and gave me back my self-esteem and confidence.

I got to know God and I believe He is always with me."

- Trafficking Survivor

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NightLight Bangkok reaches out in two primary ways to develop meaningful connections with women impacted by commercial sexual exploitation in our city.

Red Light Outreach

Beauty Salon


Our outreach center, located in the heart of the red light district, is a hub of the community. This welcoming space is a place where individuals working in the red light area can feel seen and cared for, and can share their experiences and seek counsel in a safe place. It enables us to connect with people in a variety of ways:


NightLight hosts a free beauty salon providing hair, makeup, and nail services to women working in the red light area.



Free medical clinics meet a tangible need in an area where many cannot easily access healthcare. These clinics provide a safe place for individuals to ask hard questions and share their experiences with a medical professional.


During the COVID pandemic and now on a regular basis, NightLight offers food bags to our neighbors.


Throughout the year, women are invited into joyful events like our holiday parties where we build new connections, demonstrate authentic love, and celebrate their value as individuals.

Our team goes out to where the women may be found, including visiting the many bars and nightclubs in the red light district and on the streets of the city.

We often bring small gifts to share that they are valued, seen, and loved. These small gestures open opportunities to begin conversations with those who want help with exiting the industry.



Survivors of trafficking have complex needs. Most of the women who have been extracted from trafficking in Thailand are in immediate need of safe housing. Many require additional immediate support such as medical care, provision for daily needs, and job training.

NightLight operates the first non-government registered shelter for internationally trafficked women in Thailand. We come alongside women who are identified as victims of trafficking by local authorities to provide them with immediate, loving support and a safe place to stay while they pursue legal justice and begin their process of restoration.

In addition, NightLight's freedom business, NightLight Collection, offers dignified employment to women seeking an exit from the sex industry.


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Complete recovery requires mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing for survivors of trafficking and exploitation. NightLight's restoration programs aim to provide holistic care along with opportunities to create a bright, stable future for each person we serve.

Without stable employment or opportunities to earn a living wage, women who exit the sex industry are at high risk for being exploited again. NightLight employs women in Bangkok through our freedom business, NightLight Collection, and at our coffee shop, CityLight Coffee. We also provide job skills training in baking, administrative work, and other professions.

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