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NightLight Bangkok hosted a medical clinic in the red light district in November, serving 37 people with much-needed medical care. Several women burst into tears as they received negative HIV tests. Their experiences of being forced into prostitution without protection weigh heavy on their minds and put them at great risk for STDs.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with 7 African women, 3 of whom are newly trafficked. They’ve left behind children who need money to go to school and parents who are suffering, so the obligation to provide financially is what brought them to Thailand. Each woman expressed shock and shame; they thought they were coming for good jobs but were instead forced into prostitution and told they now have “debts” to pay to the traffickers who brought them here. Fear and financial need keep them trapped until they’re ready to leave.

Outreach events like the medical clinic open the doors for us to meet them, provide our contact information, and begin to pray. Please join us in praying that they will choose to leave, that God will protect and provide for their families, and that these women can experience emotional, spiritual, and relational restoration.

As we near the end of the year, we’ve seen a large increase in the number of women who are exiting trafficking and we have an urgent need to raise extra funds to support them. Please give today to help us cover our greatest needs, which currently include providing for trafficked women’s daily necessities, supplies for our shelter, and airfare to get them home.


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Help us defeat the darkness of human trafficking.

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