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When Jen decided to go back to school, her NightLight case manager cheered her on. She has left the sex industry and has a clear goal for her future career. Getting her degree was her biggest next step forward. She registered for a full schedule of courses – a stressful undertaking for anyone – and found it extremely challenging to balance aspects of her mental health recovery with the demands of school.

True recovery and restoration from sexual exploitation can only happen when survivors are empowered to provide for themselves sustainably with dignifying work. For women like Jen, lack of education is a barrier to getting a stable job that keeps them from becoming economically vulnerable. That’s why we prioritize helping our clients achieve their educational goals.

But getting an education isn’t easy; things like lack of transportation, childcare needs, finances, physical and mental health issues, and even computer illiteracy can add barriers on top of barriers that make it very hard for them to achieve their goals. NightLight walks the long road alongside them through every setback and challenge they face, and we’ve learned that “two steps forward and one step back” is still progress to be celebrated!

Jen has done a beautiful job this semester with persevering and staying focused on her coursework. She’s not sure if she’ll take classes next semester or take a break, but we’re proud of everything she’s achieved so far!

Another NightLight client, Alex, has had a long road with many starts and stops. She needs to complete her High School Diploma before pursuing further education, and she has registered for the program several times. Each time Alex has faced issues with things like childcare, lack of transportation, or her health that have caused her to have to withdraw and re-think, but she has learned from each attempt and made progress that will eventually help her find success. Alex is registered to start the program again next semester and this time she’s more prepared than ever before, with plans in place that are meant to help her overcome the challenges she now knows that she’ll face.

We’re confident that Jen and Alex will eventually reach their goals. They’re determined, and we’re here to support these strong ladies along the way. When you give to NightLight as a monthly donor, you’re walking alongside them as well, committed to long-term recovery through your financial support. We invite you to join us in this way and make a lasting impact in the lives of the survivors we serve.


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