Voices from Bangkok:

"I used to walk with my head down because I was ashamed. Now I catch myself with my head held high because I am really proud of the jewelry I am making." -Anong, NightLight Employee

"I used to feel so alone. I had no one to lean on. Since coming to NightLight, I have discovered God’s love. My life has improved and I have new direction in my life. I am grateful to God." -Gamon, NightLight Employee

"I used to have a very hard time smiling at others. I never thought I would be able to. Today, though, I have new life. God blesses me and loves me and I feel special. I thank God and NightLight." -Ubon, NightLight Employee

Winnie's Story (Bangkok)

When we met Winnie, she had just about given up hope of living, let alone returning home. Winnie had been promised a job in a restaurant in the Middle East, but when she got there, her passport was taken and she was forced into prostitution. Winnie paid off most of her debt but was arrested and deported before she could get her freedom.

Back home in Uganda, her trafficker found her and threatened witchcraft and death unless she paid off the remainder of her debt. Winnie was forced back into prostitution, only this time, she was sent to several countries in Asia. After several years of forced prostitution and then prostitution for survival, Winnie was referred to us. She was in bad shape when we met her, and even we wondered how she had survived. But Winnie held our hands and told us, "Now that someone has come, I have hope to live."

NightLight was able to assist Winnie with her documents, with emergency needs, and with the time to heal her soul and body. Without intervention and assistance, Winnie would have died in Thailand. Instead, in collaboration with other organizations, Winnie returned to her family in Africa where she is now able to continue healing, to work toward her business dreams, and to live in freedom.

Voices from Missouri:

"You have no idea the impact you have had on my life. If you hadn’t met me so long ago, I would probably, quite literally, be dead. Now I get to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do."  -Laurie, Trafficking Survivor

"That night you guys came into the club and we met for the first time?  That night changed my life.  I just want you guys to know I am different today because of that night.  And I will be different in the future because of that night.  The gifts you brought, the way you told me that I mattered, the way you made it clear that you loved Jesus but didn’t force it on me…I have never had anyone be so kind, or invest in me in that way." -Lily, Former Exotic Dancer

"You and the ladies showed me a side of godly people I didn't think existed.  It wasn't an instant change, but over six years I slowly found myself changing.  You were a great part of that…  It was mind-blowing to watch a bunch of Christian women walk into a strip club with not one look of disgust.  Not trying to change anyone, but just talking and inviting everyone out.  You have to earn someone's complete trust before trying to take them somewhere they've never been." -Tiffany, Former Exotic Dancer

Abigail's Story (Missouri)

The first time a man came for me, my traffickers told me, "Do whatever he says and you’ll be okay." From that day on, I became a sex object as the group passed me around. Not the life I wanted for myself. I fought to get away and not be mixed up in that. But when I fought, I was beaten, and my young children were used against me as tools.

A special person helped me with the first step of my escape. Through a few other steps, I am now in the hands of NightLight International. I don’t know anyone who has ever left trafficking who wanted to, and I daily thank God that I got out. NightLight has given me a new look on life with a chance to heal and recover, not only physically, but also emotionally from the trauma. In reaching out to us in love,  

NightLight is helping us breathe again without fear or worry.