The heartbeat of outreach is relationship. We pursue relationship with women in the commercial sex industry to show them love and recognize their dignity. We go to these women wherever they're working and strive to connect with each one individually, as a woman who is unique and worthy of love.

Club Outreach: NightLight volunteers meet women who are working in the commercial sex industry. Volunteers break the ice with friendly smiles and conversation and then intentionally strive to begin long-standing, meaningful relationships. These relationships often allow us to come alongside and assist women when a need or crisis arises, or when they decide they’re ready to leave the industry and want support.

Online Outreach: Today's red-light districts have moved online, and so have our outreach efforts. Online outreach volunteers find women who are soliciting (and who are often trafficked) online and reach out to them with dignity and hope. In-person meetings facilitate the beginning of new, life-giving relationships with these women, and opportunities for tangible assistance.



NightLight’s Restoration program is founded on the idea that community can change lives, and is therefore intentional about pursuing and fostering restorative relationships. Our Restoration program includes:

Case Management: We build relationships as we assess needs and offer services or referrals to women on a case-by-case basis. Services may include helping to secure shelter and basic necessities, counseling, legal services, medical care, spiritual development, employment, and much more.

Mentoring: Alongside applicable case management services, we offer one-on-one mentorships uniquely tailored to each woman.  Within this relationship, goals are defined and accomplishments celebrated. A mentoring relationship enhances the likelihood of long-term change as healthy goals are explored and pursued in community.


NightLight Missouri fosters awareness on the issue of sexual exploitation through community events and collaboration with other local organizations. Additionally, we hold monthly "Community Gatherings" to educate individuals on the issue’s impact locally and to offer practical ideas for community involvement. We also share our expertise upon request at professional and sector-specific training and events.