More Divine Encounters

December 15th, 2013

I met him when we were throwing a special Christmas party in our outreach center in the Nana red light area – complete with food, carols, games, and crafts. He was intrigued by us – after all, we stand out quite a bit from the crowd in that area of town! I was standing outside the party welcoming people and encouraging them to join in the fun. He chatted with me for almost 30 minutes before deciding to go into the party and meet some of my friends. At the end of the night, we spoke a few more times until we finally cleaned up and locked the doors. I thought that was goodbye. As he departed, I prayed that God would not let him forget the truth he encountered that night in a red light area of Bangkok, Thailand.
A few weeks later, we held a worship night in NightLight’s outreach building. It was awesome to be singing God’s praises and declaring His glory in an area of town that has been referred to as “the devil’s playground.” After a few songs, I pop outside for some air…and there he is! Standing, chatting to my friend, I am shocked as I thought he returned to his home country already. I ask how he has been, where he has traveled and such things. Then he said, “I have walked past this place several times wondering if you all would be here again. May I come in?” He enters the worship area, sits down, smiles as he hears the music, sings along to the worship songs, and then I see him close his eyes and hold out his hands. He is encountering God in that place. He stays longer than I do (I left at 10:30pm)!
Men. Often times I only view them as the problem, not the ones in need. I think of them with anger because of what I see. But what I saw Friday night was a broken man. A man searching for something greater, a man wanting peace. I don’t believe it was by chance he stopped by Friday night; it was God who brought him there because God is what he needs, and God desires him. Only God can fill the longing of his heart and make him whole. We all are in the same situation – in need of grace, in need of healing, in need of transformation. So I continue to pray for my friend, and for my next meeting with him. God has a plan for him!

Krista Couts
NightLight Volunteer Staff – Bangkok

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