Donations & Giving


Gifts– We have lots of opportunities for small groups, churches, and businesses to join in what we are doing locally by collecting gifts for the individuals we serve. As we hand gifts as part of our outreach programming, we get to show individuals a picture of how cherished they are. Do you want to join us in showing love? Contact us to find out more information.

Baked Goods– We would love for you to help our ministry show tangible love to the individuals we reach out to by baking tasty treats for us to give to our friends. If you love to bake, we would love to plug you in as a volunteer in this way. Contact us to find out more information.

Amazon Wishlist– We have an Amazon Wishlist dedicated to specific tangible needs our location as at any given time. If you would like to give an in-kind donation through purchasing something on the list, please make sure to include your personal information so that we can personally thank you! All gifts are tax-deductible.


Ministry takes financial investment, and we need your help to accomplish the God-sized dreams he has given us for this location. Will you consider becoming a committed financial partner? If so, we would love to talk to you about committing to giving $25, $50, $100, or even $250 each month.  Click the blue button to join us!

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