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21st Century Sex Slaves: National Geographic Channel follows NightLight’s CEO and partner organization Freeland Foundation through Bangkok’s red-light districts to address the growing presence of an Uzbek trafficking ring. This film has aired in countries the world over, including in Uzbekistan itself. Original air date–June 4th 2012 in the USA.

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The Passion Conferences were founded by Pastor Louis Giglio and singer Chris Tomlin as a way to engage college students, graduate students, and their Christian ministry leaders.  During the 2012 conference, Courtney Dow, Director of NightLight Atlanta, had the privilege of being invited to speak at the event, while NightLight Bangkok was a recipient of their annual “Do Something Now” fundraising campaign.  That year, the theme of the conference was SLAVERY.  They encouraged attendees to actively demonstrate their faith in Jesus Christ, and to be the generation that finally ends human trafficking.

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 & Actress Mira Sorvino

In 2012, actress and anti-trafficking activist Mira Sorvino came to visit NightLight Bangkok while researching for her film, Trade of Innocents. She followed our CEO & founder through our everyday routes in the red-light districts, and wrote about the experience in an article she published on Below is an excerpt from that article:

“While shooting my new film, Trade of Innocents, about the sex trade of children in SE Asia, I accompanied a woman from the faith-based group NightLight through the infamous red-light district of Bangkok. Every night she and a group of volunteers go looking for underage girls working in the sex trade. A sweet, diminutive, strawberry-blonde lady, she says, ‘I create jobs for them making jewelry or silk-screening T-shirts, so they don’t have to go back to this.’ We went from bar to bar; she never flagged in her determination, despite the glares she received. I had a bodyguard; she didn’t. ‘That lady must be careful!’ he told me. ‘People here want to kill her!'”

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*Please note that NightLight’s staff in Bangkok do not just focus on finding underage girls but seek to offer friendship, rescue and holistic transformation opportunities to any woman seeking to gain freedom from a life of sexual exploitation. We also strive to be an open and safe presence within the community, and offer help and friendship to a large variety of people within this complex and diverse urban area.*


tainted love


In this episode of Tainted Love TV, featuring New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof, the media program explores the work of NightLight and our partners while exposing the realities of sex trafficking and exploitation in Thailand. This program is produced by Halogen TV, a media venue focused on socially conscious entertainment featuring reality-based series, documentaries, films and specials. The video features a dramatized testimony of one of our brave employees, who has a heart to expose the issue of commercial sexual exploitation and to help the women still trapped in this lifestyle.

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In October 2010, The Not For Sale Campaign published one of the first expository books on the global issue of modern day slavery, for our generation. In this book, the author tells the story of NightLight’s founder Annie Dieselberg and the work she started here in Thailand. It was an honor for our organization and leader to be included amidst a list of dozens of other courageous abolistionists from around the world. You can read this story in chapter one of the book, by the award-winning journalist David Batstone.

“Human trafficking is not an issue of the left or right, blue states or red states, but a great moral tragedy we can unite to stop . . . Not for Sale is a must-read to see how you can join the fight.” —Jim Wallis, author of God’s Politics

“David Batstone is a heroic character.” —Bono

The Not For Sale Campaign also featured NightLight Bangkok’s work in a short documentary.

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NightLight Design jewelry was featured on the Today Show in January 2010.

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In January 2014, journalist Ruxandra Guidi wrote about NightLight in the religion section of The Washington Post.

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Furious Love Documentary: Released February 14th , 2010 – Featuring Annie Dieselberg, NightLight’s Founder and CEO

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Courtney Dow, current Director of NightLight Atlanta and former Director of NightLight USA, presented at a TEDx event at Auburn University about what she’s learned from individuals in the sex industry and how everyone can make changes that can transform the world for exploited individuals everywhere.


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In September of 2010, Fox New’s Kelly Wright did a piece on human trafficking in the United States and featured NightLight Atlanta’s former director, Libby Bennett, along with other local Atlanta ministries looking to combat the issue.



On April 17, 2012 Pure Passion featured the work of Nightlight Atlanta, as we reached out to commercially sexually exploited individuals in the Atlanta area.


Part One features NightLight Atlanta’s Director, Courtney Dow, as well as a survivor who tells her harrowing story of abuse and freedom through Jesus Christ.


Part Two features four of the Nightlight Atlanta Team Members talking about their work with the women.

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