Los Angeles

We Have Big News!


For almost 10 years, our organization sold NightLight Design products out of our Los Angeles office. In January 2016, however, we moved those operations from LA to Springfield, Missouri!

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In 2015, the NightLight Missouri team began to dream about creating alternative employment opportunities for American women seeking to leave the local sex industry. The goal? To provide dignifying job training opportunities, and to empower and equip these women as they move forward in their own dreams and passions.

We are excited to say that we are taking initial steps to make this vision a reality!  In early 2016, NightLight transitioned it’s US sales and distribution operations for NightLight Design products from LA to our Missouri location in Springfield, MO!  This move paves the way for us to establish future operations-related employment opportunities for women who wish to leave the sex industry locally.

We are confident that this strategic step forward will help us maximize our resources and our impact. We also believe this move will expand NightLight International’s vision of providing dignified employment opportunities for women in both Thailand and the United States.

Thank you all for continuing to support the freedom of women and families around the world.


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