Join Our Missouri Team


Our vision is constantly growing and expanding, and our staff team needs to grow with it! If you are interested in joining us on staff, we are actively looking to hire the following positions.

NOTE: All positions are support-based (ministry support model) where the applicant, after being hired, must, with NightLight’s assistance, develop a team of partners that will provide financially for your full salary and support you in prayer.


Local Programming (Springfield Area)

To begin the application process, please send your resumé and cover letter to and indicate the specific position you are applying for.

  • Case Manager: NightLight is seeking a full-time Case Manager to assist with the growing referrals and case assists within the Restoration Department in the Springfield office. (View full job description)
  • Internships: Internships are available for both summer and school year opportunities on a first come, first served basis, and depend on internship availability and qualifications for the field of study. To begin the internship process, email your resumé and area of interest to


NEW OPPORTUNITY! We are seeking three 1-year apprentices who can commit specifically to working in Outreach, Restoration, and Administration for 2018. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity send your resumé and area of interest to Deadline to apply for these apprenticeship openings is July 31st, 2017.


NightLight Design Program

For more information or to request an application, please contact

  • NightLight Design Sales Associate: NightLight is looking for a full-time sales associate to increase sales in the North American market. The successful candidate will be responsible for fostering relationships with existing customers, identifying new opportunities, and following up on potential leads. The Sales Associate will be the ‘face’ of NightLight Design at key venues, promotional events, and conferences throughout the year. (View full job description.)
  • NightLight Design Operations Manager: NightLight is looking for a part-time to full-time Operations Manager to oversee fulfillment of all NightLight Design orders received through our e-commerce store, events, and programs. The Operations Manager will be responsible for inventory management, for providing excellent customer service, and for helping to spearhead strategies for continually improving operations and maximizing our NightLight Design program impact. (View full job description.)
  • NightLight Design Sales Processing & Warehouse Supervisor: NightLight is looking for a part-time to full-time Sales Processing & Warehouse Supervisor to oversee the daily order fulfillment of sales orders. The Sales Processing/Warehouse Supervisor will be responsible for order fulfillment, quality control, adherence of postal regulations, and shipping deadlines. The successful applicant will also be responsible for physical inventory and reporting. (View full job description.)


NightLight International Administration

For more information or to request an application, please contact

  • NightLight Marketing & Communications Manager: This position will help grow NightLight’s impact by developing and executing upon communications and marketing strategies for NightLight International and its programs. This position will be responsible for collaborating with NightLight’s executive leadership and various branch and program directors to move the organization forward in several areas, including web presence, social media strategy, donor communications, and marketing of NightLight Design products. The Marketing & Communications Manager Manager will be responsible for fostering and promoting the organization’s presence and mission, and for protecting and growing the organization’s impact and identity through strategic and unified branding and communications. (View full job description.)
  • NightLight Development Specialist: The Development Specialist will assist NightLight in advancing its missional impact through leadership and execution of various funding development efforts. These activities may include the development of corporate and foundation financial partnerships, the fostering of NightLight’s current donor community, and the pursuit of new donor relationships and sources of revenue. (View full job description.)
  • NightLight Executive Administrator: The Executive Administrator will play a critical role in multiplying the missional impact of NightLight by tackling a wide variety of administrative duties and projects that enable NightLight to execute on its mission as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Executive Administrator will learn and execute on responsibilities that may include: office organization, financial reporting, research projects, policy and procedure drafting, supervising 501c3 paperwork, record keeping and data entry, communications, etc. This position will work in close collaboration with the Chief Operations Officer on many projects. (View full job description.)

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