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NightLight Design dignifying employment and personal development opportunities to women who seek an alternative to the sex industry in Thailand. Our employees handcraft intricate jewelry designs and screen-print t-shirts and apparel. Each product you buy has been made by the women at NightLight and helps to secure their freedom and restoration.




Women working at NightLight Design

-Function as managers and designers

-Learn skills in accounting, quality control, inventory and marketing

-Receive medical benefits, a savings plan and annual salary increases based on performance

-Participate in classes offering English and life skills training


NightLight employees are given the opportunity to receive scholarships for continuing education. Their children are born into a safe haven where the risk of exploitation and abuse is greatly reduced.

Every piece of jewelry you purchase provides direct support for one of the artisans. You are helping to break the cycle of abuse by making a lasting difference in a woman’s life, giving her dignity and a meaningful way of supporting herself and her family.


Due to a changing market, some beads may vary in size, shape, and color. Tax receipts cannot be issued for jewelry purchases.

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